Propane Performance

Our Success

SAE-A Silver AwardGM Holden approached us in 2009 to see if we could design a product for the dedicated LPG Commodore range they were developing. That led PPI and Holden on a product validation process taking two and a half years.

There were many late nights and concepts and a lot of testing but we got there in the end, and it was all worth it. With our help and expertise GM Holden won silver in the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE-A) Automotive Engineering Excellence Awards for the development and production of a Conformable Aluminum LPG Fuel Tank. Winners of the 2012 SAE-A Awards were selected by a panel of senior engineering academics and practitioners led by SAE-A Director Dr Shane Richardson and this is what they had to say about it:

"A conformable tank design is adaptable to the available space under the vehicle floor, resulting in major efficiency gains in mass, usable fuel volume and range. This project demonstrated an innovative use of Aluminium and mass reducing design and integrated important features, including the lightweight shield, bonded crash pad and fusible safety plug. Aluminium enables complex, extruded shapes."