Propane Performance


Can I get more fuel capacity in the same space as a round steel tank?

Yes, PPI conformable tanks are rectangular in shape thus filling in the available space more effectively/efficiently, than a round tank.

Can I get more fuel capacity in the same space as a ganged double or triple steel tank arrangement?

Definitely. The shape of a PPI Conformable Tank is much more efficient in terms of fuel capacity than multiple-ganged steel tanks (put up overlay pic of our tank over a double…)

Why does your conformable aluminum tank have better fuel control than traditional steel cylinders?

Conformable Tanks are flat and wide, and have internal baffles that reduce fuel slosh considerably compared to traditional cylinders

What weight advantages are there over a steel tank of the same capacity?

Where the space available requires two or more steel tanks to be welded together just to provide enough fuel capacity, a CT can be up to 50% lighter. When compared to single steel tanks weight reduction is around 20% to 30%

Why does a vehicle handle better with your CT tank that a traditional steel tank?

CT’s are shorter in height relative to width (a cylinders “height” is the same as its width) and so the center of gravity is lower. This, along with improved fuel slosh control = improved vehicle handling.

What grade of aluminum is used in the tank?

Tank body is all T6061 T6 and tank end domes T5301-0

Why are the valve mounting sockets machined into the tank rather than welded as they are on steel tanks?

This method gives a much stronger connection. There is no heat distortion and so the result is an extremely accurate surface finish with dimension control