Propane Performance

The Conformable Tank

Space age design in a modern world

PPI’s revolutionary new conformable design solves some of the old storage problems for autogas.

Our flat tank fuel storage technology allows more fuel to be stored on the vehicle while reducing overall tank weight and increasing cargo storage area. This is especially true when a vehicle would otherwise be fitted with a double or triple ganged steel tank.

autogas has historically been stored in heavy steel cylinders, which due to their round shape, do not package very efficiently, reduces fuel capacity and driving range and, due to their bulk, reduce storage/cargo space. The flat tank conforms more efficiently to the available space inside or under a vehicle resulting in up to 20% more fuel capacity and resulting additional driving range.


Conformable Flat Tanks can be installed:

  • in or under a vehicle in the space where the gasoline or diesel tank would go
  • in the trunk behind the rear seat where its rectangular shape is incredibly efficient resulting in a minimal loss of luggage space
  • on the deck of a pick-up and still be able to put a tool box on top
  • beside or between the frame rails in a light/medium duty truck
  • inside a delivery van where its flat surface allows you to put packages on top of the tank
  • standing upright behind the cab of a Class 8 long haul truck.


An additional advantage of the Flat Tank is the reduced tank weight, which not only makes the vehicle more fuel efficient, but also reduces wear and tear on a vehicles suspension system and does not degrade overall handling characteristics.


The logistics, simplicity, and reliability of accommodating a single Flat Tank in lieu of multiple "ganged" cylinders are substantial. With the flat tank, you won’t need to worry about:

  • the complexity of multiple-cylinder configurations
  • transport of fuel between individual tanks
  • structural vulnerability of the interfaces between the added transport tubing and the tanks
  • inefficient and inaccurate filling, dispensing, and level sensing.