Propane Performance

Design & Safety

Conformable Tank

Global patented design

Each cell is locked together with a patented joiner. The end domes are pressed then machined ready for assembly. The extrusions slide together with the end domes and seams robotically welded.


Quality product

Each tank is pressure tested and all batches are subjected to critical dimensional measurement and radiographic inspection before final packing and documentation.


All CT® tanks

  • are designed and constructed to ASME Code - Section VIII, Division 1, Design & Fabrication of Pressure Vessels
  • are able to comply with European Regulation No. 67 - Approval of Specific Equipment of Motor Vehicles Using Liquefied Petroleum Gases in Their Propulsion Systems
  • are certified for sale under AS/NZ3509 & AS/NZ1425
  • manufactured under ISO 16949:2002
  • will have a CRN