Propane Performance

Features & Benefits

The Flat Tank (Conformable Tank) is unique in its design and construction. It is made from aluminum, which has significant benefits over steel including the ability to form a far more efficiently shaped tank, reduced weight and the inability of the tank to rust. However, it is the design of the tanks that is the key – enabling greater capacity than a cylinder for any given diameter and length.


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

100% aluminum provides up to 50% advantage in weight over other similar capacity steel autogas tanks which means you get all the cost advantages of autogas with:

  • Excellent vehicle efficiency
  • Improved safety due to retention of original OEM handling characteristics
  • No increase in tire wear
  • Increased payload for delivery vehicles


Modular construction

A Conformable Tank is comprised of extruded, modular 'cells' – from 2 to 8 cells depending on the capacity needs of the customer and the available space in the vehicle. Tanks can be customized to the ideal length, maximizing capacity in the space available. This gives you:

  • Up to 50% gain in volume for the same available space
  • Extended vehicle range
  • Fitment to small space restricted vehicles
  • Minimal intrusion in trunk space for taxis
  • Maximum capacity for couriers
  • Room for Police radio systems
  • Multi tank applications possible
  • Adaptable for marine or one off designs
  • No ganged cylinders
  • Can fit into existing gasoline tank space
  • Easy shape for mounting straps


f150 with lpg autogas conversion

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